February 2019 - The Museum Review (TMR), an open access peer-reviewed journal, received a new gift from the Gary R. Libby Charitable Trust to support ongoing work to publish articles related to museum best practice. This funding will assist in underwriting the nonprofit journal’s publication costs to ensure that readers continue to access all published articles for free.

Gary R. Libby has been active in the museum world for over 40 years. He served as Director of the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida, the President of the Florida Art Museum Directors Association, and as an Assistant Professor at Stetson University. Libby received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Association of Museums, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Art Museum Directors Association. The Museum of Arts and Sciences’ Entry Court and the Museum’s Curator of Art position are both named in his honor, as are art galleries located at Stetson University, Daytona State College, and the University of Florida. 
Dr. Katherine Groninger, Editor of the nonprofit journal, notes that “The Museum Review is honored and delighted to be recognized as a necessary resource for the museum community by such a dynamic museum expert like Mr. Libby. His support validates the need for peer-reviewed publications for museum practitioners, academics, emerging professionals, and students.” Mr. Libby’s gift helps to ensure The Museum Review continues to meet the diverse museum community’s needs, and improve access to museum educational resources. This gift comes following a record number of articles published in 2018 that reflect museum best practices.

The Museum Review and its sister publication The Museum Scholar are published by Rogers Publishing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that expands global opportunities to publish museological texts.